On 123.ee you can place an ad without having to pay a commission after the sale.
To attract more potential buyers to your ad, you can use additional services.

Fees for basic services

Ad placementFree
Sale or purchase of goods or servicesFree


Fees for additional services

Home page
Ad placement on the home page of the website. Ads are distributed evenly and displayed in rotation. Ad display during the loading of the first webpage is not guaranteed.
 1 week5.00 €
Featured ad
Placement in the list of "Featured ads" that are above other ads in the selected category and also in upper level categories (e.g. if the "Women’s perfume" category is selected, the ad will also be displayed in the "Perfume " category and in "Health and beauty").
 1 Week 5.00 €
A vivid label will appear next to your ad in the list of ads and in the search results.
 once 1.00 €